Description of Classes

Creative Movement- Ages 2 and 3
A dynamic program that introduces our youngest dancers to the art of dance through age appropriate activities that lead to a bodily kinesthetic awareness. All activities aim to foster a love of movement and dance while introducing them to the dance basics, including tap. This class meets once a week for one hour.

Broadway Babies- Ages 2-4
In  this class, young dancers are introduced to the  basic principles of ballet and tap, using age appropriate movement and music to encourage dancers to express themselves and embrace dance.

Twinkle Toes- 4-6 yrs old
This class is an introduction to basic ballet movements and terminology, with an emphasis on proper body alignment and turnout for pre schoolers. Terminology and technique are taught on the most basic level, all while keeping in mind the tiny dancers physical and cognitive level of development. Our goal is to foster a love of ballet and we aim not to intimidate or push our smallest ballerinas beyond their physical and mental abilities. This class meets once a week for 45 minutes

Ballet and Tap- Pre k and K- 4-5 yrs
A combination of ballet and tap with an introduction to ballet positions and technique to translate into ballet I and more advanced tap. Age- appropriate music and movement fosters the love for dance in a caring, nurturing environment.

The 2nd/3rd combo 
A lyrical jazz  class- the students continue working on their ballet and jazz through the lyrical style.

MS Combo

The middle school combo is a lyrical ballet and Jazz class.

Ballet I- Starts at 7 years old
This beginner hour long  class is the gateway to  TDW’s continuing ballet program. Class begins with introduction to barre exercises designed to strengthen the muscles of the feet, legs and back.  Dancers stay at the barre for the first 30 minutes working on plies and the five positions before moving to center floor. The exercises increase flexibility of ligaments to attain balance and control, to stabilize the turnout; and gain speed in the feet and lightness in the legs.

Ballet II
This 90 intermediate class begins with an hour of more advanced barre work to build more sophisticated movement and technique with the use of elongating positions and stretching. The class then moves onto center floor for progressions across the floor.

Ballet III
Advanced ballerinas perfect their barre technique in the first hour of this 90 minute class, stressing sophisticated movements such as grand jetes,  more complex pirouette positions, then move across the floor  at a faster pace for progressions.

Pre K-1st Grade Hip Hop
This class teaches the basics of street movemets using age appropriate music and techniques.

Hip Hop I- 2nd-4th grade
In this beginner class, Jazz principles are given with a fun twist with a focus on current, age appropriate, pop/urban music. Hip Hop is combined with Jazz instruction in all Hip Hop classes.

Hip Hop II- 5th-7th grade
This intermediate class improves upon the complexity of street  moves, while adding  jazz into the mix.

Hip Hop III- 8th-12th grade
This advanced class uses quick footwork and rapid progressions across the floor while increasing the complexity and arrangement of the movements.

TDW Rising Stars- Invitation Only: Ages 6-8
This brand new team class program focuses on lyrical jazz technique, with emphasis on barre work, across the floor progressions and advanced turns and jumps. This class is the intro to next level dancing.

Intermediate Tap
Tap is a percussive form of dance. Your feet become your instrument, expressing musical patterns. Technique, rhythm and terminology are stressed. Tap is essentially helpful in teaching younger students to count music. The students are reinforced by the sounds they make and how their movements fit into music. Please refer to our schedule for levels, times, and duration.

Advanced Lyrical and Jazz
Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical dance uses movement to express strong emotions and create a mood for the audience. It emphasizes smooth, fluid movements that adhere to the natural movements of the body. Both Ballet and Jazz technique are stressed through center floor work and across the floor progressions. Lyrical is taught in our one hour combination classes from 7- 13 years old and for an hour and half on the advanced level.

Beginner Acro Jazz
The beginner class works towards improving flexibility, strength, and control. Dancers will learn how to properly execute Acro tricks similar to the mat component of gymnastics. Routines are comprised of a combination of Acro tricks and Jazz movements; therefore we strongly recommend that dancers register for a Jazz class in order to compliment their Acro training. Please see our schedule for levels, times and duration.

Intermediate / Advanced Acro Jazz
This advanced class work perfects flexibility, strength, and control. Dancers will learn how to properly execute Acro tricks similar to the mat component of gymnastics, working with advanced movements. Individual strengths and disciplines are encouraged and fostered.

Pointe-  Invitation Only
This class is for the advanced Ballet student. To ensure each student’s safety, stuedents must first be evaluated by the instructor, which will enable the them to determine if each individual has the necessary training to dance En Pointe without the risk of injury or deformation. A student will need to exhibit the technical skill necessary to align her muscles and bones perfectly over the toes of her support leg (an area approximately one square inch in size). A minimum of two hours of ballet/technique classes per week are required in order to register for this class.

Broadway Jazz and Tap  
A Tap and  Jazz class with music and movement based on Broadway Musicals.

Junior Company- By Invitation Only: Starts at age 9  
This heavily technique based lyrical jazz class perfects advanced jumps, leaps and spins, while working on across the floor progressions at a fast pace while working together as a team.

Due/Trio/Semi Private Lessons- Please call for appointments; by level.

Not sure on what class to sign up for……Call our office at (914) 736-7044 and we’ll help place you in the correct class.  Now serving Westchester and Putnam Counties.

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