Recital Info

The 2019 recital will be held at The Tarrytown

Music Hall on Saturday, June 15.

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Please refer to the email that was sent or speak to the studio to find out what show your child is in.


Please see our home page, Facebook page or Instagram for current recital announcements.  Or call our office for specific details on TDW’s recitals.

TDW usually has two year-end dance recitals that are held on the same date (morning and afternoon shows).  They are held towards the end of May or the beginning of June.  These dance recitals are a wonderful event with grand costumes and fantastic choreography and are currently being held at the Tarrytown Music Hall.  Lights, Camera, Action for TDW’s Dance Recitals.

Costumes are purchased in December and your dancer is not required to participate in the recital, however, if you do participate, you must purchase a costume.  It is encouraged to participate in the recital because its the final performance of the dance year and its great to perform in front of all the moms, dads, siblings, friends and grandparents and watch as their faces light up!