Prince Reily

Hip Hop

Prince Riley was born and raised in New York City. He got his start in entertainment at the age of 14 when he joined the CityKids Repertory Company and attended PRC high school for dance and theater.

Being completely inspired to continue with his love for the arts, he went on to pursue a career as a professional dancer, actor and choreographer. He has danced for recording artists Fergie, Rihanna, Thalia, and Salt-n-Pepa to name a few. Prince has also been featured in several videos including John Legend’s “Greenlight” and Jasmine Sylvan’s video “Lions tigers and bears”. Although Prince has had much success along his passionate journey, he’s only just begun. He most recently finished working on “Transformers 2” movie as a fighting warrior and he looks forward to many more silver screen appearances.

In his downtown, Prince travels the world teaching dance classes and workshops to children at various camps and dance studios. He also takes time to give back to the place where he began by being involved with youth at CityKids as a mentor. His goal is to inspire young people around the world and let them know that if they just believe it, they can achieve it!